Since the start-up in 2005, Well Innovation has been involved in development and commercialization of over 200 technology projects.

Current commercially available technologies:

Sucker Rod Sensor 

  • Production optimization and reduced maintenance

Liner Hanger systems

  • Extreme environment 7" Liner system (ISO V0 14310)
  • Field proven in >40 wells in the Middle East
  • 14" Liner system ready for second field testing (ISO V0 14310)

Plug Valve 

  • Pending field testing in the Middle East

Examples of other technologies developed and delivered by Well Innovation:

Wireline Tractor

In 2018 Well Innovation completed the development and delivery of the most versatile wireline tractor available in the market today.

The project came to a success through close collaboration with one of the world's largest oil-field service companies.

In the field this tractor has outperformed competitor's tractors, both on speed and force.

Inflow Control Valve

Inflow Zone Control Valve (NESCOS) with a rotating sleeve. Installations in Brazil. 9 approved patent families. Currently evaluating electrical operated valve development with client.

Sandscreen IDC

Development and prototyping. Company spin-off. Commercial Technology.

Barrier/Plug Valve

Barrier Valve/Plug solutions for various applications. Pending field testing in the Middle East.

Soap Injection Valve

Development and 3rd Party customer qualification. Pending Field Trials.

Annular/Injection Isolation Tool

Development of first working prototype for CannSeal. Commercial Technology.

Downhole Umbilical Release Assembly

Engineering, production and testing of an Umbilical Cutter for Oil Tools of Norway. Commercial Technology.

Scale Alarm Anchor and Tracer

Development and delivery of Casing Anchor and Tracer Modules for Scale Protection. Ready for Field Trials.

Adjustable Drift

Adjustable drift for wireline operations. Commercial Technology.

Electromechanical Brush

Electromechanical brush (battery powered) for cleaning scale in Downhole Safety Valve. Commercial Technology.

Intervention Tools Package

Electrohydraulic intervention package (Anchor, Stroker, Milling tools) for Expro AX-S system. Prototype level.

Impact Hammer

Impact Hammer for CT operations. Commercial Technology.

Heavy Duty Dual Acting Jars

Heavy Duty Jars for Wireline (with Tractor) and Slickline – high impact Jars with interchangeable modules for hydraulic or spring applications. Commercial Technology.

Flow Activated Diversion Tool

Coiled Tubing Diversion Tool. Development of working prototype.

Memory Sub

Involved in the development of a memory sub for Drill Pipe – a memory based intelligent sub measuring tension, compression, torque, temperature, pressure and acceleration. Commercial Technology.


Involved in development of Uninterrupted Circulation Valve and topside Robot. Qualified according to ISO 14310 grade V0. Acquired by service company.

Heavy Duty Release Tool

Release Tool for Slickline. Statoil Loop Project. Concept level.