Well Innovation's Rotating Control Valve

The Well Innovation's Rotating Control Valve is a hydraulic remotely-controlled rotational valve used for regulating hydrocarbon production, or water injection in reservoirs.

The main advantage of the Rotating Control Valve is a Rotating Sleeve that incorporates a system of stationary spring-loaded tungsten carbide inlays in an outer sleeve and a rotating solid tungsten carbide inner sleeve providing a metal to metal erosion resistant seal.

The inner sleeve is fitted with holes that line up with the corresponding holes in the inlays, according to the position of the inner sleeve, to provide adjustable flow areas or a closed valve, as required.

Qualification Test

The Qualification Test consisted of 200 cycles simulating one operation per month over 15 years. The test cycles, involved operating the valve from fully closed, to fully open, and back to fully closed.

The valve was able to seal after 100 tons of sand had been flowed through at an average flow rate of 16,500 bpd and was also tested as an injection control valve with 90 tons of sand flowed through at a rate of 12,000 bpd.


• Solid tungsten carbide inner sleeve and inserts
• Proven reliability
• Accurate choke control
• Metal-to-Metal sealing
• Scale resistant
• Erosion resistant
• Valve position indicators
• Full shut-off capability
Well Innovation Rotating Control Valve
Well Innovation's Rotating Control Valve
Well Innovation Rotating Control Valve - Section Cut
Well Innovation's Rotating Control Valve - Section Cut
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Terms & Conditions - Purchase