Well Innovation's Liner Hanger System

wi-123721 liner wiper plug (1 5)
packer (1 5)
We specifically designed and developed a 7” x 9 ⅝” Liner Hanger System for our customers for gas wells in the Middle East.

The first system was installed in May 2010, and there have been 35 successful installations.

Well Innovation supervised the installation of all these systems in cooperation with the local Service Company. Having successfully installed all the liner hangers, packers and tie backs systems, the Well Innovation's Liner Hanger design highlighted impressive reliability in challenging gas wells.

The 7” x 9 ” Liner Hanger system has been fully tested and qualified according to ISO 14310, V zero.

  • High load and hanging capacity
  • Ultimate pressure integrity
  • 28% Cr 110 ksi material (alternative material grade upon request)
  • H2S and CO2 resistant
  • Rotatable system
  • Utilizing the reliable two trip system, ensuring gas well integrity
  • Hydraulic set hanger & mechanical set packer
  • No hydraulic chambers on hanger body; minimizing potential leak paths
  • All pressure containing threads are gas tight metal-to-metal seals
  • The system can be sized and configured to customer requirements
  • Full System available; including Darts, Plugs, Floats, Landing Collars & Tie Back System
  • The running tool has primary and contingency release mechanism

Other sizes are available upon request.

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Terms & Conditions - Purchase
Terms & Conditions - Purchase