Well Innovation's Sucker Rod Sensor

Well Innovation's Sucker Rod Sensor is a dynamic load monitoring sensor measuring Compression, Tension, Torsion, Pressure and Temperature.

The first version consisted of a sensor package that was used to identify wear issues that resulted in excessive rod wear leading to breakage in the rod string.

The current version, under development, optimizes the well drainage by correlating the downhole pump movement to surface rod stroke, thereby ensuring maximum pump efficiency resulting in optimized production.

For problem wells, multiple Sucker Rod Sensors can be placed throughout the rod string in order to identify wear issues.

Features -  Current (development) Version:
  • Load rating – 55,000 lbs (tension)
  • Max Torque – 800 ft*lbs (1085 Nm)
  • Tool OD – 1
  • Connection – T AISI A-8630-M Ni Cr Mo
  • Material – API-D
  • Sampling rate – Variable
  • Memory – 60 hrs continuous recording
  • Programmable
  • Temperature rating – 135 Deg C
  • Output data format – ASCII

Terms & Conditions - Purchase
Terms & Conditions - Purchase