With 20 employees, including 15 skilled engineers, the business is built around technology, engineering, experience and innovation. Since start-up in 2005, Innovation has been our trademark.

Involved in over 200 projects, with a combined Oil & Gas experience of over 250 years. Specializing in High Pressure/High Temperature electrical mechanical and hydraulic systems.

Well Innovation understands that design and engineering expertise is the cornerstone of building value for our clients and partners. Listed below is a range of our engineering capabilities:

1. Downhole Tools Specialists: Intervention, Completion and P&A.

2. Multi-disciplinary Solutions: Mechanical, Electronic and Hydraulic.

3. Quality Project Management: Customized PM processes and experienced Project Managers.

4. Complete Project Lifecycle: Concept, Design, Manufacturing and Qualification to Commercialization.

In order to develop creative solutions, calculations and detailed design Well Innovation applies programs such as: SolidWorks, MathCad, LabView and LabWindows/CVI. Documents and files are managed by SolidWorks Enterprise PDM throughout their lifecycle. Through application of these programs, we achieve accurate and solution oriented results.

Well Innovation products are designed and manufactured to provide the optimum solution to many downhole challenges in today’s industry. Improvements to wellbore integrity, production performance, and well life drive the need for new equipment in the face of ever increasing demands on performance, specifications, and cost effectiveness.

Well Innovation is taking these challenges, and we manufacture tailor-made solutions according to required specifications to the highest industry standards.
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Terms & Conditions - Purchase