Installed in Brazil

Rotating Control Valve

Well Innovation's Rotating Control Valves were installed approximately 15 km north of Mossoro, Brazil in well No. AP-66.

The well was a water injector, and had previously been completed as a dual 2 ” completion to enable directing the water to the zones as required.

Two hydraulic Rotating Valves were installed on May 7th, 2006 for Petrobras using a single    2 ” EUE tubing string. The valves were installed, one on each side of a concentric hydraulic set packer, with 4 each bypass bores for 3 each ¼” OD hydraulic control lines and 1 each ¼” OD Fibre Optic Line.

Eccentric gauge carriers, with Fibre Optic pressure and temperature gauges, were installed below the lower valve and above the upper valve.

Well fluid during installation was fresh water.

The well casing was 7”, 23 lb/ft, K-55 with nominal ID 6.366” and drift 6.241”.

Both valves remained fully operational during the pre-installation tests, and after installation in the well, until the completion was pulled in 2010 because the well was no longer delivering.
Well Innovation Rotating Control Valve Installation, Brazil-Mossoro
Rotating Control Valve Installation, Brazil-Mossoro, AP-66
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