Project developed for Scale Protection

Retrievable Anchor

The Well Innovation's Retrievable Anchor was a project developed in combination with Scale Protection.

The Scale Monitoring Tool (SMT) was designed to detect scale formation and the presence of inhibitor in the wellbore. The anchor was designed to enable the placement and subsequent retrieval of the SMT between active producing zones. 

The anchor is activated using a well stroker and retrieved with conventional slickline jars. Once placed in the wellbore the anchor can be left indefinetely due to it's innovative anchoring feature.

Multiple Tools can be ran in order to determine which zones are producing scale and which zones are being effectively treated.

The Retrievable Anchor mechanism, gives SMT the possibility of being retrieved at any time.

Well Innovation holds the IP on this technology.
Well Innovation Retrievable Anchor and SMT
Well Innovation's Retrievable Anchor and SMT Tool
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Terms & Conditions - Purchase